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Instruction | Yuya KOYAMA [undertake it arbitrarily]

An experiment was succeeded , in which a mouse in the United States and a mouse in Brazil cooperate to solve the problem by connecting the brain with a communication device.
Such technology will be used for humans one day.
Today, how much can you own that seeing and thinking by yourself?

Saturday, August 26 – Sunday, September 24, 2017
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed: Tuesday · Wednesday
Admission free

Born in Saitama Japan 1989. I had graduated from Tokyo zokei Universty graduate school in March 2015. My highlight shows are “SEARCH&DESTROY” mime, “Railway Arts Festival vol.5” Art area B1,“Folding Different Species” blanclass, “Unusualness Makes Sense”CMU Arts Centre in Thailand, “PARTY” Art Center On Going,“Thinking in 6/1” blanclass,“Politics of Space” statements.
Since 2015, I became staff of CSLAB Tokyo Zokei University where student centered learning has been adopted. I’m engaged in planning and management with students there.

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