translations [On war #3]

Discussion with Woon-gi Min (director of Space Beam community) and Sayako Mizuta (curator)

1: As for you, what is image of war?
2: What is the experience of thinking war for you?
3: What kind of impact does war have on art?
4: If you reword war in a different way, what do you translate?
5: Where does war happen, and what is the cause of “war”?
6: When does war finish?
7: If there were no war in the world, what do you think how world there are?
8: What is talking about war?

19:30~22:00 ※open19:00
¥1,200/students ¥1,000 (Booking required
Language: Korean and Japanese (Korean-Japanese interpretation: Jihee Lee)

Woon-gi Min | director of Space Beam community, Incheon

Sayako Mizuta | curator, Tokyo
Sayako Mizuta received a master’s degree in Arts Policy and Management in 2006 from Musashino Art University in Japan. Her areas of concentration includes art management, contemporary art theory and Japanese modern art history. From 2006 through 2008, she has worked as a chief assistant curator at Tokyo Wonder Site, an art center run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote and nurture new arts and culture. During her term of office in Tokyo Wonder Site, she was in charge of supporting emerging artists, organising exhibitions, and managing artists-in-residence program. While she was working of Tokyo Wonder Site for 2 years, she has been involved in more than 10 projects.
Since 2009, after finishing her services at Tokyo Wonder Site, she has been organizing exhibitions and art events, as well as writing exhibition reviews on a freelance. After being an independent curator, she has mainly focused on introducing emerging artists of her generation. In summer 2010, her exhibition proposal was accepted by the curatorial competition of the Aichi Triennale 2010, and international art festival hosted by Aichi prefecture in central Japan. The title of the exhibition was “Skin & Map: the study of body and sense by four artists” (2010). After winning the competition, she has curated the series of exhibitions, under the title of “Skin&MAP2: approaching memory and time” (2011), In addition, she also has curated the exhibition series, titled “Voyager in Voyager out vol.1-4″(2012).
Since February 2011, she initiated and hosted an Internet-based TV show with artists and criticis , called “comos-tv”, which mainly dealt with various issues relating to Japanese art museums and contemporary arts in Japan in the form of talk show among artists and art critics to provide deeper understandings of current art issues to the audience.
In 2012, she was selected as one of art critics for an artist/critic-in-residency program organized by Gyeonggi Creation Center in South Korea. She has stayed in South Korea for 3 months with the program, and published a booklet, titled “Voyager in Voyager out in Korea”. During her stay in South Korea, she has also participated in various activities, forums and seminars, hosted by art communities in South Korea including Litmus.