It is difficult to read straight. Is it possible for real?
To read is to translate. To read is a work of literal translation.
We will read as straight as possible. In a monotone. For open field.


Sayaka OHSAKI 
Poet, born in 1982, living in Tokyo.
Won the new face award from Eureka poetry and criticism (Seidosha.,Inc.) in 2011 (selected by Hiromi Itoh). A graduate of Waseda University. Keep having reading performances with dancer Mari Fukutome from 2008.
The first anthology “Jimen (Ground)” came out in 2011.

Director, playwright, organizer of “OKAZAKI ART THEATRE” and member of “hatahata”
Born in 1982 in Lima/Peru. Founded the Okazaki Art Theatre in 2003.
In 2006, awarded the prize of the “Best Director” with “Desire Caught by the Tail” (Pablo Picasso) at the Toga director’s competition.
In 2009, “Haircut-san (Mr. Haircut)” was nominated for the Kishida Drama Award.
Born in Peru and grown up in Kawasaki, in the works unfolds a directorial style that employs both the dynamism and frank colloquial and physical approach of Latin America and the neuroticism of Japanese bed towns residents.
Recently, additionally to the activities with the OKAZAKI ART THEATER, founded a new unit under the name “hatahata”.