Guest:Miyu ARAKI [anaki] Yukari SHIBUYA [Pulling the Strings] Mineki MURATA [zone] TOKITAMA [kotobalance(with CHIKUWABU)]

Performance Start:18:00

Miyu ARAKI [anaki]

Araki + hole = anaki ≒ black hole. anaki is strange a thing.

1988 born in Tokyo,Japan
2007 JOSHIBI UNIVERSITY ART AND DESIGN Department of sculpture (Stone’s major)
2011 JOSHIBI UNIVERSITY Master’s Degree Program Sculpture
2008~2010 「Candle night@Ometesando-Eco Avenue」 charge of installation
2009 「JAPANESE RED CROSS SOCIETY 150years old event Our world,Your move.」

art performance
2010 「Student night vol.1」S-project start.
2010 「Student night vol.3‐off limit‐」 『aai iu』

Yukari SHIBUYA [Pulling the Strings]

You and I will try to find out the points where we exists each other.
Among so many realities, the horizon where you and I exist is a place as a dream.
When I draw your appearance near, my disordered mind will be recalled to my body.
My existence is as a dream.
Your existence and my existence are related on the horizon as a dream.

Art Initiative Tokyo(AIT), Making Art Different(MAD) , Artist course (spring)・卒業, 2009.

Born in 1985 in Tokyo, Live and work in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Japan, 2009.
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University master course, Japan, 2011.
Art Initiative Tokyo (AIT), Making Art Different (MAD) , Artist course, 2009.

Solo Exhibition
2010 ”Q1″, Studio siellaharun, Tokyo.
2009 ”Birds eye-Mirror girl”, Studio siellaharun, Bokutou machi mise 2009, Tokyo.
2008 ”Ocean breath”, Tokyo zokei university Gallery node, Tokyo.
“Golden morning , floating oranges”, Tokyo zokei university Gallery node, Tokyo.

Selected Group Exhibition
2011 Graduate degree exhibition, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo.
2009 Via Art 2009, Shinwa Art Museum, Tokyo.
(Jury Prize: Ikeuchi Tutomu / roentgenwerke representative director)
AMUSE ART JAM 2009, Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto.
2008 Graduate degree exhibition, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo.

Mineki MURATA [zone]

He abuses his own body and through displaying his body’s sensations, which cannot be verbalized, he stages his guerilla performances to exert a strong impact. Then, he presents installations as the results.

1979 09 born in Gunma.
2005 03 Graduated from Tama Art University.
2008 10 BankART Bank under 35 Mineki Murata Exhibition/ BankART Mini Gallery
2010 03 Murata’s School /blan Class
2010 08 AICHI TRIENNALE 2010Tyoujamachi area
A lot of exhibitions and the performances, etc. will have gone in 2011 since 2003.

TOKITAMA [kotobalance(with CHIKUWABU)]


Communication Artist
Born in Tokyo,1954. Worked for a publishing company, president of an editorial office, and CEO of a publishing company. Published photography quarterly magazine“déjà-vu.”
Started TOKITAMA Project in 1993.

1993,December 10 Started Weekly TOKITAMA
2010, March 1 Issued No. 751
◎Video Works on TOKITAMA
2006, summer Started the activity on TOKITAMA.
2010, March 1 Completed 18 volumes and 592 people participated .
1988 ‘Kiokuryoku ga Nainode Nandodemo Tanoshimeru[Be able to enjoy a lot of time because of lack of memory]’ Shogakukan
2006 ‘TOKIMODOKI[Pseudo TOKITAMA]’ Tokio
◎Main exhibitions
2010 SAKUTO URESHII(I am happy to bloom),Contemporary Art Biennale of FUKUSHIMA
2010 TOKITAMA@873,bar 873
2009-2010 Daily TOKITAMA@Shinjuku BERG,BERG
2009 on TOKITAMA Party: Commemoration of 500 participants,gallery POINT
2008 TOKITAMA Exhibition and on TOKITAMA show: Commemoration of 297 participants, MOGURA
2007 View with words :TOKITAMA by TOKI Sayuri/SUZUKI Risaku, Gallery ES
2006 TOKI Sayuri EXHIBITION/TOKITAMA in Omote-Sando, Gallery KIYU
2004 TOKI no Kotoba T-shirts Exhibition, Miyazaki Building
2004 TOKI no Kotoba T-shirts Exhibition2, Yasuyo Building
2004 TOKI no Kotoba 1993-2004, EX-LOUNGE, AKI-EX
2002 TOKITAMA GACYA to KOTOBAMI kai[capsule toy vending machine & Words Exhibition],Gallery Bar Kajima
1999 TOKI SAYURI EXHIBITION 300WORDS,Open Gallery, Hanae Mori Build 1F
1998 Commemoration of putting ‘Kiokuryoku ga Nainode Nandodemo Tanoshimeru’on the market:Sibuya Station Poster Project, Platform of JR Shibuya Station
1995 Commemoration of No.100 of Weekly TOKI / Six and a half hour shop with café,Studio Yebisu on TOKITAMA showing
On screen many times
2010 CHIKUWABU + TOKITAMA Live, Inaoi-za

Chikuwabu was formed with EMMA(Vo) and Rihito Nozaki(gt) in 2005. EMMA sings freely like clouds in the summer sky with her mellow voice. Her singing recognized by famouse musicians and comporsers in Tokyo. Such as Juichi Sase,Tokuhide Niimi and Mishio Ogawa. Rihito plays the guitar. He plays the old swing Jazz guitar. He acquirs a good reputation as a guitarist. They perform at bars and live houses in Tokyo. Chikuwabu was named by Matsukichi,Who works at the bar.. in Setagaya-ku. They participate actively in the “Child Oasys Project” that was organized by Juichi Sase in winter,2008.