Tomoko Sugimoto has been creating works of finding “A person”, someone who can’t be identified, in an internal space of the viewer.
“Dear Tomoko Sugimoto exhibition” in 1993 expanded upon these works. It was the sight towards Sugimoto by someone else created and threw inside Sugimoto.
The works of “A person” continues and then,in 2009, Sugimoto met cameras.
She had been implying “A person” by an attribution or a meta-information like a book or a handkerchief, but when she took a photograph, she found it as if she was meeting someone in person.
The installation series “She saw” began after finding “A person” inside the glance itself.
Sugimoto Says”If I travel into the bottom of the deep inside of the personal area, I will have a feeling that I am connected to life and death, and also illimitable space in common.”

Sugimoto’s work exists in the direction of revealing an invisible part of a person by looking into the central part of the individual, “A person” internally.


Born in Yokohama, Japan.
She has learned Design,Contemporary art and Architecture while she was working as a nurse at the same time with over 10 years of clinical experience.She started operating installation and performance at the same around 1990.Although, her expressions are various, the theme implies “A person” and takes footage, photography and sound into her works these days.
Currently working both in Japan and Belgium.