Special guest:Ryoichiro YASUHARA/Iori YOSHIMOTO/Yukari SHIBUYA
Installation:zucica(Reiko SATO・Naoko MIYAJIMA・Misako MORINO)

performance start:18:00

Ryoichiro YASUHARA [Yasuhara Ryoichiro’s spectacle adventure]
Yasuhara Ryoichiro is a artist group in Japan.It consist of Ishinara Eri, Iwata Ryoko, Jinushi Rintaro,Chigasaki Keiichi, Noriyo Yasunaga. Yasuhara Ryoichiro makes movies.Yasuhara thinks that it is a most important thing to create time in the movie.
The first work of Yasuhara Ryoichiro was very successful.This is a second movie of Yasuhara.Yasuhara puts onto focus in the scenery in daily life.The work expresses the time of the scenery in daily life.

Ryoichiro YASUHARA
Yasuhara Ryoichiro is a group organized in 2010.
They will make movie works.
There were consisted of Eri Ishihara, Iwata Ryoko, Jinushi Rintaro, Chigasaki Keiichi and Yasunaga Noriyo.
Someone in this group started activity alredy, someone got the prize.


Yukari SHIBUYA 「Hello, Neinei」
In fact I am an only child, often imagine that I had an elder sister. I imagine my elder sister’s existence such as in a mist of the vague memories in our childhood. But I will also imagine her existence in my present days.  In my art pieces I call my imaginary sister “Neinei”. This word is a word that reminds a double meanings to Japanese from it’s phonetic sound. The first meaning is a word to call a person “Hey hey”. And the second meaning is a word as children call their elder sister.

Born in Tokyo, Japan,  1985. Live and works in Japan.
Studying in Tokyo Zokei University master course, Japan. Graduated at Art Initiative Tokyo (AIT), Making Art Different (MAD) , Artist course (spring).
Selected Solo Exhibition: “Q1” (Installation) , Studio siellaharun,  2010. ”Golden morning , floating oranges.” (Installation), Tokyo zokei university・Gallery node, 2008. Selected Group Exhibition: “Birds crowd is coming again.” (Performance ), blanclass student night vol.2 , blanclass, 2010. “Neinei” “Yo-ho” (Sound installation), Shinwa Art Museum, Via Art 2009, 2009.

zucica [typhoon christmas]
website : http://www.geocities.jp/zucicahp/