Performance | Rino DAIDOJI [The morning and some little nights]


“The morning and some little nights” is a small performance which was shown in Cesena, a little town in Nothern Italy in May 2019. It is a story about me – a Japanese living in Cesena, my daughter Asa (meaning “morning” in Japanese) who was born here and that songs that I sing for her from morning till night every day. (The performance will be in Italian and Japanese.)


Saturday, August, 17, 2019
Open 5:30 pm Start 6:00 pm
General Admission: ¥2,000 (w/1 drink)
Capacity: about 30 people
Language: Italian and Japanese
Venue:blanClass(4-12-16 Minamiota Minami-ku, Yokohama-shi)


It needs reservation. Please send an email with the following content to the following address.
Title) Rino DAIDOJI [The morning and some little nights] 1) day 2) Name 3) Address 4) e-mail address 5) number of participants



Born in Tokyo in 1982. As a founding member of the Japanese performance group FAIFAI, Rino has participated in almost all performances of FAIFAI as a performer since 2004. Rino creates her performances based on her personal stories, but as a fantasy that is connected to reality. Since July 2015, Rino moved to Cesena, Italy and continues her activities based in Japan and Italy.