Reading performanceOsamu JAREO + Kei HIRAKURA [Ozu Dance]

The gestures and movements of people in Ozu Yasujiro’s films are “choreographed”, with extreme accuracy and complexity. In this workshop/lecture, we’d like to analyze and practice “Ozu Dance” together.


Thursday, February 28, 2019
Open 18:00 Start 19:00
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Dancer/Choreographer. Formed a dance unit with Misako Terada in 1991, Jareo has focused on solo work in recent years. He not only performs in dance pieces, but also hosts workshops, works in film, and choreographs opera repertoire. The author of “Slow Dance at Nursing Home: Like a Dance, Like a Nursing-care (Rojin Home de Umareta “Totsu Totsu Dance” – Dance no Youna, Kaigo no Youna)” [Shobunsha].

Kei Hirakura is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Urban Innovation at Yokohama National University. He specializes in Art Theory. He is currently researching the operation of perception and action in the creation of art. He has authored Godard’s Method(s) (published by Inscript: the book was honored at the 2nd Awards of the Association for Studies of Culture and Representation), American Avant-garde Movies (Anthology, published by Shinwasha), and numerous other publications.

  Hosted by Next Urban Lab, Yokohama National University