Slightly confusing artists talk | [WRONG PERSON: YU ARAKI, HARUKA ARAMAKI, MIYU ARAKI]
Three artists with similar name will gather for the first time to talk about the differences and similarities found in each other’s practice.

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Open 6:30pm Start 7:30pm
General Admission: ¥1,500

Yu Araki
Born 1985 in Yamagata.
Completed his Master’s Degree in Film and Media Studies from Tokyo University of Arts in 2010.
His practice has been dealing with the stories of transformation and mistranslation, which often occurs in the process of propagation and dissemination of goods and ideologies from once place to another. Recent exhibitions include “Bivalvia: Act I” (MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo), and “The Way Things Do” (Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona).

Haruka Aramaki
Born 1988 in Kanagawa.
Graduated from Keio University with a degree in Media and Governance Research in 2014.
She experiments with exposing our unconscious judgements through creating artworks. Recent exhibitions include “Ascending Art Annual Vol.1 ‘Shapes and Figures’” (Spiral Garden, Tokyo), “Design Anatomy” (21_21DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo).

Miyu Araki
Born 1988 in Tokyo
Completed her Master’s Degree in Sculpture from Joshibi Art University in 2013.
She has been continuously drilling holes. Recent exhibitions include “Drill a hole in the stone” (GALLERY IRIYA, Tokyo), “Nasunogahara International Sculpture Symposium” (Ohtawara City Art Cultural-Studies Institution, Tochigi).