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Discussion [Discussion for thinking about sexual minority.]

This discussion started in 2012 with graduate students.The events are held irregularly in university, public facility, art space, etc. We share each reality and have relaxed discussion with coffee, tea, and snacks.

Planning: Tetsuya SAITO / Mai TAKAYAMA

Monday, September 2, 2017
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Seminar Meal Service Center(in railroad siding 2017 Exhibition hall)
Location: 1862-1, Nakatomi, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama Prefecture 359-0002
access: http://hikikomisen.com/2017/access.html

Tetsuya SAITO
Born in Kanagawa, 1985. Art critic, Researcher, Editor.
Master of Arts – Concentration in Art theory and Practice, Joshibi University.

Major and Interests : Contemporary Art, Studies of Culture and Representation, Gender, Sexuality.
Recently research about a small art trend among young women who publish their drawings and paintings on Social Network Services. As Children, they use techniques of copying drawings from Shojo Manga.
Academic Article : “Girls Expressionism”(2016), “Self-Representation as a Girl: Making a Place of Your Own”(2017).

Born in Nagano, 1988. Artist, Painter.
Master of Arts – Japanese Painting, Joshibi University.
Publish painting and performance that focus to Japanese painting’s rules, styles and details. Planning places to think about sexuality and gender while in college.

Performance : blanClass (Idogaya,Japan), Yokohama Triennale (Kanagawa,Japan. 2011), Roppongi Crossing (Tokyo,Japan. 2013)
Residence : Shiwaku Island (Kagawa,Japan. 2012)
Exhibition : M50 Gallery (Shanghai,China), Art Center Ongoing (Kichijōji,Japan), Chino City Museum of Art (Nagano,Japan), and some Art Fair both within and outside Japan.
*Solo exhibition is currently being held in Taiwan.

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