Sound Performance | Toshimitsu NAKAGAWA [Moss Music? – Escape from causality]
The sound emitted by an act of hitting an object, for example, is caused by an inherent causal relationship between “the object” and “the sound”.
I will replace the fact that it is created from the causality with a sound that is different from the sound that the object should originally emit “alternate”.
Then, our sense is incongruous, let us turn our eyes back to this event.
Then, by establishing a new causal relation with the “alternative” sound, we will rewrite the experience of “things → sounds, sounds → things”.
This performance is an attempt to present a new viewpoint to “relationship between object and sound”.

Saturday, June 24, 2017
Open 6:30pm Start 7:30pm
General Admission: ¥1,600(one drink)

Toshimitsu NAKAGAWA
Electronic musician ・ artist,
Graduated from Tama Art University Oil painting department. While studying abroad, I mainly produce sound works.
After that, he mainly works in music production on PC and live performance using laptop PC / Handmade instrument, and since 2013 he established a joint label “Speech” with composer Hiroshi Yamaguchi.
In recent years Speech organized “Contemporary Art and Music Live Planning” HouseBeats – Stirring House “(2015),” Improvisation Formation ARCHITECTURE OF IMPROVISATION “(2017).