performing-arts,about 1 hour. | Takumi HASHIMOTO [Transform-meditation,wandering #2.Lascaux cave and X]
This is my lifework.

The last show is April 2016.
It goes by one year.

I want to wrap the looping time ,and wanna cut it by a moment.

Like a wellmade Japanese omelette.

I want to enjoy it with the audience.

What I do is a performance.
I guess you can laugh a little.

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Open 6:30pm Start 7:30pm
General Admission: ¥1,600(one drink)

Transformer. I present many solo-performance in art scene.I joined all show of Kishii Daisuke theater project ”scratch settlement”.Yoshiwara Art-superservice`s core member. Representative of Japanese Traditional fundoshi trio San-Zan.