This is a documentary performance of people who try to anchor invisible images to something visible. Here it is each participant or drifter that draws the lines between them.
Everyone acts and plays his own discrete drama of fugitive images that were inscribed in individuals by fragmental recitation of texts or sounds.
We can supply nothing for boring static signification but something like screen, medium or objects merely visual you will find.

What is difficult to replace, reserve, share or communicate with others, we try to invent the way to make out anything in common place of collective memory as a form of Karuta game.

Even after this event we may remain to be involved. With inevitable oblivion and lingering images, how the community can exist and continue …realizing we ourselves are infinite and discrete archive of the transformed experience and alternative history?]

Sunday, january 25, 2015
Drama #1: 4:00 pm
Party: 5:30 pm
Drama #2: 7:00 pm
General Admission: ¥1,800 (with party fee)

This is a project aiming for dynamic archive and architecture to alter the history and to cast the future.
Regarding our language activities and existence as the fundamental immaterial medium, we perform various programs and works to evolve the arts and politics beyond the range of contemporary culture and society.
No more Revolution. Just keeping on Volution will do.