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flaneur theater|BricolaQ [Engeki-Quest in July, Miura Peninsula]

This is the role-playing theater on Miura Peninsula. You will become players (flaneur) as “princes & princesses who enjoy stealing everywhere” (W.Benjamin), and you will go Miura Peninsula by Keikyu-Line for search “engeki (theater, drama)” which have occurred above lives of ordinary people every day. Your curiosity and imagination will open the door to the unknown world.
(Sorry the playing text is only Japanese language. If you cannot read Japanese, you have to borrow other participants’ linguistic ability.)

text / direction / edit = Chikara Fujiwara (BricolaQ / Theatrical Center F)
dramaturg = Makiko Ochi (BricolaQ)
management = Takako Yokoi (Theatrical Center F)

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Open: 13:00 Start: 13:00 End: 19:00 After Talk: 20:00
General Admission: 1,500 (Student: 1,000) *reservation required
+transportation expenses (max 1,500) + eat & drink cost

Born in Japan, in 1977. Live in Yokohama. Theater & dance critic. Magazine editor (of Musashino Art University, Setagaya Public Theater, and so on). Author of “Engeki Saikyo-ron: New Currents in Japanese Contemporary Theater”(2013). And have own independent media “BricolaQ”. The member of Theatrical Center F.