play | Daisuke KISHII [scratch settlement]

Written by Daisuke KISHII
the cast: Mai Endo (artist, actress, NIJYUNIKAI) Takumi HASHIMOTO (actor, artist, transformer) Eri Takehisa (sculptor) and others….

I’m interested in scratching and excavating absent settlements on the body.Scratching and absent and excavation on the body maybe called action.

Saturday, May 24, 2014
open:6:30 pm start:7:30 pm
General Admission::¥1,800(one drink)

work on progress
Saturday, May 21, 2014
open:6:00 pm start:7:30 pm
General Admission::¥800(one drink)

Daisuke KISHII
Playwright. Creating drama(or play)works from creative system formalization like other genres. “P” “potalive”, “KAKIKOTOBA”, “TokyoCondition”