I would say, This is very hard to prove the existence of things.

I could not say, This is exactly the boundary of this two things.

I would like to create photograph, video and text about those general idea.

And I would show the artworks responding to the change of times.

Then I am going to mix those up and create one (pice). I hope to work like (this).

Ticket : ¥900
Students : ¥700

Aisuke Kondo
1980 Born in Shizuoka, Japan. Lives and works in Berlin
1999 – 2001 B-semi Schooling System of contemporary art
2004 – 2007 Universität der Künste Berlin at the class of Prof. Leiko Ikemura
2007 – 2008 Meisterschüler Studium Universität der Künste Berlin at the class of Prof. Leiko Ikemura
2008 Meisterschüler from Prof. Leiko Ikemura

Solo Exhibition

“room”, underbar gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibition

“inside-outside“ Stokholmer Feuerwache (Alt), Berlin, Germany
“Fukushima Opening Doors with Compassion”, lutherkirche, Cologne, Germany
“Deutsche Show”, Divus, Prague, Czech Republic
“LOST WORLDS > < MAKING WORLDS” Gallery Murata&Friends, Berlin, Germany “Aus actuellem Anlass”, Neue Galerie Landshut e.V., Landshut, German 2010 "Illusion/Reality", Emerson Gallery, Berlin, Germany "we are the islands", Bethanien, Berlin, Germany "almost the same, Damen Salon, Berlin, Germany "This is red", Halle ZEHN / CAP Cologne e.V., Cologne, Germany 2009 "Nähe und Ferne Ⅱ", Neue Galerie Landshut e.V., Landshut, Germany "Nähe und Ferne", Kallman-Museum, Ismaning, Germany 2008 "Meisterschüler Ausstellung", UdK-Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2007 "dark wood of error", UdK-Berlin, Berlin, Germany "Absolventenausstellung", UdK-Berlin, Berlin, Germany 2006 "17/24" Karl-Marx-Allee 87, Berlin, Germany "Ausser-Haus", Uferstraße 6, Berlin, Germany 2005 "import transport", Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin, Germany 2001 "Open Studio Exhibition", artport 2001, Warehouse NO.20 of port of Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan "Sakadachi On The Map ", Yokohama civic art gallery, Yokohama, Japan "Umiie", Beach in Hayama, Yokohama, Japan 2000 "Artsphere Exhibition", Haizuka Earthworks Projects 2000, Kurome studio, Hiroshima, Japan "2000 B-semi Exhibition", Yokohama civic art gallery, Yokohama, Japan "2000 B-semi Exhibition", Yokohama Galleria Bellini Hill Gallery, Yokohama, Japan "dynamite", Gallery Paris, Yokohama, Japan 1999 "Hibino-AWA", Yamate 234, Yokohama, Japan