Special Sunday +night

Since 1998, Nakamura has been a member of the dance company
“idevian crew”. He had appeared in “Mizu-to-Abura” and other groups
as a guest performer.Besides taking an active role in idevian crew, Nakamura
continuously performs as a soloist at galleries and outside.Recently,he has also
been holding workshops at universities and theaters.

Solo Long(177cm)dancer/ choreographer
live in Tokyo JAPAN                    

1994 graduated from Keisenjogakuen College.major in linguistics and cultural communication
1982~1991 sutudyed in private dance sutudio in Tokyo
1996~1997 studyed in Rotterdam dans Akademie in Holland as a guest student(dancer’s department)

1994~1995 danced with japanese dance company (Keiko Takeya CDC, Dance company Nomade~)
1997 creation worked with Rami Beer(Director of Kibbutz dance company)
1999~2010 work with Japanese choreographers ( Koshi Hidama, Erika Nowada, Ryohei Kondo, Taiju Matsumoto)
MOVIE is here!
1999 started solo work
2001 started Solo Project(Paris, Soul,Tokyo)
2010’Bone Memory chapter winter’ 2010 (40~60min)→prefer to white space, use marbles
2009’Bone Memory chapter?’ 2009 [54min]
2006′ 透tou’ [53min] → prefer to white low space
2003’Silent Distance’ (30min ver 50min ver )
2001′ A woman in the room’ [60min]→ use at least 7chair

2003~2005 project ‘Dousatuno hanatu syoudou’ = without stage light , just try to choreograph dance
2006~2007 project ‘Hijouguti kokoniari’ = dance out of the theater with dancers, artist, cafe, food, art exhibition

Junko Okuda solo dance performance vol.3
2006 5 17 proto theater
FULL ver. 53min