オキン・コレクティヴ – Okin Collective

Okin Collective is an artists’ group, which consists of Hwayong Kim, Shiu Jin, Joungmin Yi, named after Okin Apartment complex in Jongno-gu, Seoul. In July 2009, a group of artists visited one of their colleagues who lived in the complex, which was set to be torn down soon. It was during this evictiion process that they began exploring the tragedy surrounding the other tenants’ situation in the name of a redevelopment project, with traces of those who had already moved out from the complex still lingering. It was also a way of looking into how the historicity, speed, and avaricious urban planning taking place in Seoul and damaging people’s lives. Thus, it was during this time when Okin Collective was formed.
In the midst of the city’s redevelopment project, no space is exempt from receiving “death sentences” out of the blue in the form of forced evictions and harassing situations. What Okin Collective considers most important is not raising pros and cons on the redevelopment project, or even the specific interests of the community members, but rather in broadening people’s views and attitude about such incidents. Though the collective was started in one particular place, the activities of Okin Collective center on remembering multiple “Okin”s which continue to take place all around Seoul even after Okin Apartments was torn down. This can be accomplished by exploring your city, being kind to others, carrying out your own research, taking part in entertainment activities, and tenderly bringing together art and everyday life. As a result, Okin Collective is still pursuing these activities which they are very concerned about.
The group has had two solo exhibitions since its inception, including “Okin OPEN SITE” at Okin apartments, Seoul(2010) and “Concrete Island” at Takeout Drawing(2010). For group exhibitions, it has participated in “Random Access” at the NJP Art Center, Yongin(2010), “Public Discourse Sphere: Aftereffects of Neo-liberalism” at Alternative Space Loop, Seoul(2011), “The R-19 Performance Relay” at Alternative Space Loop, Seoul(2011), “Life, No Peace, Only Adventure” at Busan National Museum of Art, Busan(2011-2012), “The Forces Behind” at Doosan Gallery(2012) and more. The collective has run Okin Collective Internet radio station [STUDIO+82]( since September 2010.