メイヤ・チェン – Meiya CHENG

インディペンデント キュレーター。台北コンテンポラリーアートセンター共同出資者。
Meiya Cheng’s research focuses on issues facing cultural production including conditions of exhibitions, the role of existing art institutions and cultural policies that shape the environment surrounding this work. Based on field research in Asia, Cheng initiated the institution Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2009 with a group of activists, curators and artists to express the necessity of independent, non-profit institutions to serve the art community and to create a base for experimental art practices in Taipei. In addition to this work in the public realm, she also curates and conducts research on art projects in the technological age.
Meiya Cheng is an independent curator and cultural organizer based in Taipei, previously working at MOCA. She has published articles in Artco magazine, Art and Investment and Broadsheet. Recent projects include Taipei Contemporary Art Center, co-founded with a group of activists, artists and curators in 2009; Augmenting the World, a curatorial project for the 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival; and Trading Futures, co-curated with Pauline Yao, TCAC.