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2011.09.17 Makoto ITO + Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA [Te-re-su-ko+Kon-nya-ku]

Makoto ITO + Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA

2010.12.18Shouko ABE[To eat the dessert]

Shouko ABE
[To eat the dessert]

When the thing to see the beautiful one and the thing to eat the delicious one are the same, it is wonderful. [...]
2010.10.02 Motohiro TOMII[can work. hand work,other work]

Motohiro TOMII
[can work. hand work,other work]

The Reason to Make What does it mean to “make”? Why do we make? Everyone who has attempted to make [...]
2010.08.21Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA / Takashi IREI / Shinichi TAKASHI[Relief in me,Relief in you]

Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA / Takashi IREI / Shinichi TAKASHI
[Relief in me,Relief in you]

2010.07.03 Makoto ITO[Boat Excursion Form]

Makoto ITO
[Boat Excursion Form]

I prepared for “the surface of the water” to have of this carrying around. We attach this and carr [...]
2010.06.26 Reiko SATO/Eri TAKEHISA [a puddle keeping itself clear]

[a puddle keeping itself clear]

Eri Takehisa and Reiko Sato will condense and spread the atmosphere by small actions. In this one hour, we wil [...]


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