Exhibition + Talk or Performance | few phew pur (Reiko TAKAYAMA + Hideto MAEZAWA+Taiki NIIMI + Atsushi ICHINO) [HEIGHTS TAKAYAMA ーENDGAMEー]


2019 “Highs Takayama” finished activity as atelier (exercise place) and was rebuilt in semi-indoor farm in 2022.
Then, in 2032, the end of the building was reached, and it was demolished and became a land.
But now it is September 2019. It’s not too late yet…?
I will not let it end “Height Takayama” as it is. Well, it’s the beginning of the “Highs Takayama” Endgame..


Saturday, September 7, 2019
timetable(about) Strategy meeting: 6:00 pm – Actual work, Practice: 7:00 pm – Performance: 8:00 pm – * It is safe to come around 7 o’clock.
Admission: ¥2,000 (Bring “Heights Takayama” booklet) / ¥2,200 (included “Highs Takayama” booklet)
Language: Japanese
Venue: blanClass (4-12-16 Minami-ku Minami Ward, Yokohama City)



few phew pur (Reiko TAKAYAMA + Hideto MAEZAWA+Taiki NIIMI + Atsushi ICHINO)
Production team by Reiko Takayama (artist and actor) + Hideto Maezawa (photographer and director) + Taiki Niimi (engineer) + Atsushi Ichino (designer). After the work “Highs Takayama”announced in February 2019, We became a team in June of the same year. It is just ready. In search of activity form.

Reiko TAKAYAMA https://reikotakayama.tumblr.com/
Hideto MAEZAWA https://www.hidetomaezawa.com/
Atsushi ICHINO https://movebell.com/