Workshop | Ari OOKUBO [For the Works “Grey Horizon Means Death”]

Introduction: Two years ago, I had announced to produce and exhibit the works titled “Grey Horizon Means Death” in 2019.

However, I found it was quite difficult becuse everyone must experience “Death” but can not be verified from their own experience. Even if I try to think it, the viewpoint always slides.

Anyway, this time, I would like to try making the idea “death” visible with the participants in the following process to make it exsist as objects.

[1] “Death” questionnaire. [2] “Death” walking / picking up. [3] “Death” piece creations. 

[4] “Death” presentations / reviews.

We will conduct interviews based on the “death” questionnaire during the [3] “Death” piece creations, and Ookubo also will have presentations the current understanding.

Saturday, March 23, 2019
Open:17:30 Start:18:00
General Admission:¥1,500

2001 MA in Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. The main solo exhibition in recent years, “WHITE CUBE is EMPTINESS” (2018, Galleria Finarte, Aichi),  “I’m the Creator of This World, You’re One of Materials Existing in the Universe” (2018, Sprout Curation, Tokyo) , “BLACK CIRCLE IS NOTHINGNESS” (2016, Galleria FINALTE, Aichi), “Criterium 90” Ghost in the Art Museum “(2015, Art Tower Mito) and so on. Group shows, “Railroad Siding 2017” (Former Tokorozawa-shi meal service center, Saitama), “MERZ” (2017, HAGIWARA PROJECTS, Tokyo), “In Our Time: Art in Post-industrial Japan” (2015, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) and so on.