★Series SakSak #5
Therapy | Hiroaki YOSHIDA [Ludovico Technical Diagnosis 「Record Chart」]

Ludovico Technical Diagnosis is a human experiment conducted in the movie “A Clockwork Orange”.It is a Therapy aiming at the social reintegration of subjects by seeing cruel images while the body is restrained, the eyeball is spread open and fixed.We will create a Chart while making a diagnosis based on that Ludovico Technique .

Artist:Hiroaki YOSHIDA / Direction::Naoki NOMOTO

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Open 6:30pm Start 7:00pm
General Admission: ¥1,600(One drink)

1994 Born in Gunma.2017 Hikikomisen2017(Former Tokorozawa municipal second school meal service center)2017 Student Art Marathon vol.13(blanclass/Kanagawa)