Forgery of the story | Takashi SAKAI [ Fiction inheritance meeting ]
Prejudice and personal feelings that are not based on fact what the true value of cultural property “fake folklore” advocate, Sardo cypressMr. of collecting material.
By the will of, who recommended the dissipationof aggressive cultural property, do theseinheritance Board.
The everyone will present a false explanationfor each material, and this inheritancequalification.

Trumped heritage intermediary personnel : Takahumi SAKAI
Coordinate : Haruka KAWAGUCHI

Saturday, September 3, 2016
Open 6:00 pm Start 6:30 pm
General Admission : ¥1,500 ( One drink )

Takahumi SAKAI
1985 born in Miyagi Prefecture, Yamamoto-cho. Studied from around 2007 to Sardo said, isengaged in cultural property excavation in thegarbage dump, Since the home has reached the limits ofcultural property capacity, Ongoing activities to set up a “barter office” in order to transfer to the desired person.
twitter : @koukanjyo