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[ Folding Different Species ]

Exploring the art of folding different species — human and nonhuman — to look for and embody the different ways of life. Exhibition and Performance by the participants of the workshop: Thinking outside Body, Folding Different Species organized by Kei Hirakura.

Takuya INABA , Yuya KOYAMA , Tomomi SANO , Hiroko TANABE , Yui NAKAMURA , Hiroki+h YAMAMOTO , Kenichiro WATANABE , Kei HIRAKURA

Saturday. January 30. 2016 1:00 pm ~
General Admission: ¥1,500 ( With a coffee )

(b. 1977, Japan) is an art theorist and an artist. His analytical works explores the micro-structures of technologically-embedded perceptual systems through the modern and contemporary art works. He teaches art and philosophy at Yokohama National University as an associate professor. His book, Godard’s Method(s), received the Prize of the Association for Studies of Culture and Representation in 2011.

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