Art Marathon | [students night #10]

Saturday, July 5, 2014
Open: 3:00 pm Start: 4:00 pm
General Admission: ¥700

Izumi ISHII [July 5th, 2014]

Screening (Installation)|
Jun ISHIDA [fragment]

Screening (Installation)|
Masato TAKEUCHI [title unfixed]

Boundary line between front and back. When I think so much about dichotomy between
the two, I always frustrate that vagueness situation. On this work, I am going to try to
make how to make people frustrating with using video installation.

Born in Niigata prefecture 1989. Tokyo University of the Arts Graduated School of Film and New Media. Majoring Architecture and Design when I belonged in Musashino University. Spending at America and South Africa for about 10 years. Interested in Japanese local culture and try to think how to renovate the local culture with using art. Currently I am focusing on myself issues trying to know about who I am.

Screening (Animation)|
DAIDA THREEBALL [Take me out to the ballgame]

introduction:The artist group by three baseball-loving art student; Aratayou, KoyomiHorioka, and mana*.
In the search of new ways to enjoy baseball, three girls studying design, painting(contemporary art), and moving image engage with “baseball” from many different angles, using their own fields of expressions.

2013, We begin to orchestrate the “exhibition of art work on the theme of baseball”. September, it opened the flea market at the Arts Festival, to perform the first exhibition entitled “Dakyu no yukue ni gochui kudasai(Please note the whereabouts of the first round hitting)” at Design Festa Gallery Harajuku in November.

Nichika YAGYU (Onnanoko Niha Naisho) [Sasayaki no Kanata]

This play attempts to reapperance matters, which won’t remain in record and memory
and also what used to exsist in “that” time and “that” place.
Even we try so, it is impossible to tie every single things.
Those are all frugmentary matters.
But I think, those are just kept untouched and I surely see stories in them.
I believe that in that way, we keep on living and unliving.

Born in 1993. Curretly studying at Sophia University, Faculty of Economics. Playwright, Director, Leader of Theater Unit “Onnanoko Niha Naisho”
Presentedan open-air (theatre) piece by lifting out theatrical possibilities breathing not only inside theatre but also in city and real life. Working on various fields such as Film and Installation.
“Onnanoko Niha Naisho”

Chihiro YUASA [untitled(仮)]

You don’t know when the phone rings. If the phone will ring, you can answer the phone. But You can’t call and recall.

Graguate School of Art and Design