Negotiation | Yuki Okumura (with the guest artist Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver)
[Body Contract (Exceptional Case)]

In his project “Body Contract” (1973–), Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver has divided his body into 80 parts and had various people sign on contracts with which each stipulator is to preserve one part of Azuchi’s body after his death. At blanClass, I (Okumura) will negotiate with him to win some contract regarding the area that belongs to his existence yet is not dealt with in the project: his consciousness.

Open 13:00 Start 14:00
Fee ¥1,200

Yuki Okumura OKUMURA
Born in Aomori 1978. His work attempts to re-stage the pre-linguistic, fundamental asymmetry of self and others by exploiting the faculties of language in the form of translation. Recent projects have often resolved around interventions into, or reinterpretations of, other artists’ work.

Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver
Born in Shiga 1947. His performances, objects, and drawings explore the physical scale and structure of his own body, as well as the biological codes (such as DNA) of humankind. In 2010, a large-scale solo exhibition titled EX-SIGN was held at Museum of Modern Art, Shiga. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in and outside Japan, noteworthily in Europe. (reference)