It’s something like an image | Michiko TSUDA [King the Oedipus―Free Indirect Speech]

Free Indirect Speech is similar to something like images.
The configuration of apparatus generates time which I’m not sure about.
To get close to there, I need to be tough more than expectation. So I’ll build up my physique.
In 2014, I won’t be drunken too much. I’ll eat slow, sleep early, shoot quickly.

op.18:00 st.19:30

Michiko TSUDA
(b. 1980, Kanagawa) received her Ph.D. in Film and New Media Studies from Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2013. She pursues the principles of moving images logically through her artistic practice. She applies this method to document the process of perception of space, and her works represent a special broadening and poetic richness in a unique and curious way. Her recent solo exhibitions include Observer = f(t, f(t, null), f(d, Observer, f(t, null), f(t, f(r, f(t, CameraE))), f(t, null), f(r, f(r, Observer, f(d, f(r, f(r, null)))))) (Tokyo National University of the Arts, 2012) and Occupants and King in the Configuration Forest (NTT Inter Communication Center[ICC], 2012). Her recent group exhibitions include media/art kitchen (Bangkok Art Contemporary Center [BACC], 2013) and GEODESIE (Galerie B-312, Montreal, 2013).