Shin-ichi TAKASHI+Takahiro WATANABE [mesoRelation]
We are going to make a circulation of the light and sound in the
space with speaker and monitor.
Chun Chih MA [in a / the room #2] 
Sometimes I just wonder what my artwork is going to be if I made it in the place that I grew up.
I have nearly 20 years memories there, but none of them is about the experience of making art. The presentation in blanClass this time is an opportunity to build this essential memory for my memories, or for everyone’s.
Night when it thinks about death, life, and art.Toshifumi Watanabe wants to do and wanting say.




Shin-ichi TAKASHI
Born in Saitama 1985
Finished Musashino Art University Master course 2010
performance「Relief in me,Relief in you」 with Yoichiro Yoshikawa and
Takashi Irei 21/Aug/2010(blanClass+night・Kanagawa)
joined the performance “Relief in you” in Yoichiro Yoshikawa’s self
exhibition ”To be lost in town”

Born in 1986
Be in action in music and movie.

Chun Chih Ma
Born in Taiwan, 1984
Education:2006 B.A in Foreign Language and Applied Linguistics, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
2011 Photography, Tokyo College of Photography, Japan
2010.7 in a/the room, blan class student night vol.2, Yokohama
Group Exhibition
2010.8 Garden, Myoukayama Photo Studio, Niigata
2010.12 a “z”, mestalla Gallery, Tokyo
2011.2 , Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Yokohama
2011.3 , BankART, Yokohama

Toshifumi WATANABE 
Niigata Prefecture Niigata City birth in 1985
Modern art person. One-man show and a lot of group exhibitions so far.Tothe main one-man show,2008「WAITING ROOM」Gallery Yamaguchi,Tokyo.2009「Sculpture exhibition of iron」
Tsubame city industrial historical materials pavilion,Niigata.。2010「ON TIME」UP LINK,Tokyo.Tothe main group exhibition and the participation exhibition,2006「Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial2006」(「Shedding House」)Echigo-Tsumari (Toukamachi city,Tsunann Town),Niigata。2010「Bank ART Artist in Residence 2010」Bank ART Studio NYK,Kanagawa.2010.12.11 blanClass+night[WATANABE night]