Public discussion | Looking back @ hikikomisen 2017
This summer, blanClass participated in “hikikomisen 2017”.The unique point of “hikikomisen” is that the exhibition and the book are paired with equal significance.
blanClass invited 15 artists, then our mission is ”Creating a layer that is different from both exhibitions and books”. This event will look back over and discuss it.

Guest : Yuya KOYAMA / Saki MURATA / Naoki NOMOTO / Takafumi SAKANAKA / Karin KATO / Manami SEKI / Masayuki OKU / Hibiki MIYAZAWA / Yutaro HASHIBA / Ayaka URA / Kohei SEKIGAWA / Taiga OKAMOTO / Tomohiro MIYAKAWA / Natsumi OIKAWA / Hiroaki YOSHIDA

Sunday December 3, 2017
3:00pm – 7:00pm
General Admission: ¥1,000(one drink)

Born in Saitama Japan 1989. I had graduated from Tokyo zokei Universty graduate school in March 2015. My highlight shows are “SEARCH&DESTROY” mime, “Railway Arts Festival vol.5” Art area B1,“Folding Different Species” blanclass, “Unusualness Makes Sense”CMU Arts Centre in Thailand, “PARTY” Art Center On Going,“Thinking in 6/1” blanclass,“Politics of Space” statements.
Since 2015, I became staff of CSLAB Tokyo Zokei University where student centered learning has been adopted. I’m engaged in planning and management with students there.

Born in Kanagawa 1989.「whisper-amplifier」Various places/2014~,「The Art of Society Forum exhibition『Hesitation』」HIGURE 17-15 cas/2015, scratch settlement project「Life is being performed like a hometown」Seikatsu-Kobo/2017.

In 2014 Graduate School of Media Arts and Films. In the main announcement, the exhibition “As it stands” exhibition (Awobaso / 2014), “People move” exhibition (wholesale town studio / 2015), and so on. In 2016, at the blanClass start a series project “Find a Form of 〇〇”.

born 1989,2013 Graduated the Tama Art University Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts.

Karin KATO
Born in Tokyo from1992. 2017   BFA, Faculty of Art, Hiroshima City University, Hiroshima, Japan
I participate in a “Michinoku Art Pilgrims Camp 2017”(Arta Commons Tokyo , 2017),”Dynamic equilibrium of real life examples”(blanClass , 2017),”untitled”(Hiroshima Arts center , 2016)”Scramble Hiroshima”(Hiroshima Branch building of Bank of Japan , 2014).

Manami SEKI
Born in 1990. Graduated from Musashino Art University sculpture department in 2013. “18th Campus Genius Contest” Akihiko Taniguchi Evaluator Award (2012). “Musashino Art University Graduation Work Exhibition” Excellence Award (2013). The presentation includes “Pink Jelly Beans” (TABLAE · Tokyo), “View of the Display” (blanClass · Yokohama).

2017.2.18関 真奈美[乗り物]

Masayuki OKU



Ayaka URA
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan in 1992. graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Oil Painting. Aim for a work as a device with a system that inverts or stirs contradictory things (for example, a crowd and alone, a side seen and a viewer, past and present, etc.) . Main solo exhibition; Ballroom dance lesson (2017,HongKong), The body dances freely (2017,TOKYO:ArtCenterOngoing), Main group exhibition; TERATOTERA(2015,2016,Tokyo, Japan), PARTY(2016,Tokyo:ArtCenterOngoing),etc. ART Ichihara(2015 Ichihara, Japan), TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK ASIA AWARD(2014Tokyo,Japan).

Past exhibitions /「Not a trace of doubt in my mind” Exhibition Azamino Contemporary vol.7 」(Yokohama Civic Gallery Azamino, 2017)「figure / out」(Guardian Garden, 2017)「SICF18 PLAY」(spiral, 2017)

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. Enrolled Musashino art university oil painting course in 2013. Recently participated exhibits are [Hole bloomed!! Hole bloomed!!](Shinjuku Ophthalmology Garelly/2017),[the continent with Yagi and…](Art spot Chateau 2F/2016),[OOQO](Space Wunderkammer/2016) and so on.

Born in Chiba Japan1993. Enrolled Tama art university master’s course in 2017. Recently participated exhibits are
[Demo classes,Sculpture Ⅰ,Stone design](blanClass/2017),[the continent with Yagi and…](Art spot Chateau 2F/2016),[OOQO](Space Wunderkammer/2016) and so on.

Natsumi OIKAWA
Born in 1995. Studied at Tokyo Zokei University movie major. Main activities “Yuri Miller · Fuzzy Fantasy – Laboratory of oppression and liberation -” (Aichi Nagoya) “Kishii plays the story # 4” (Kanagawa, blanclass).

Born in 1994. Studying at Tokyo Zokei University.
Main exhibits
[OVERLAP](Tokyo Wander Site Shibuya/2016/Tokyo), [Glow, Blow, Flowing](Town office/2016/Tokyo] etc.