sketch Comedy, Performance, Gender Chasing | Tkayuki TOSHIMA [ A stomach steals a back. ]
Several ways to steal a thing from me back with oneself.
“If a spirit behind the person turns its back to the person who takes it and possesses, can that be called a spirit behind the person?” (than the making “gentle Wittgenstein”)?

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Open 7:00 pm Start 7:30 pm
General Admission: ¥1,500 ( One drink )

born in Tokyo in 1980. Graduated from B-semi Learning System in 2004. I quest for laugh and practiced with a search using an animation, text and the comedy. I participate in a “UNCONDITIONAL RESTORATION” exhibition in 2015 (milkyeast). There is “bid” (joint work and 2013 with Tatsuo Majima) “poly gaho” (magazine and 2014-) etc. as a publication work.