《precarious tasks #2》 “talking about your name while eating emergency food”

note on this edition:
In this edition of precarious task, participants is encouraged to talk about their names while we all eating emergency food. Story could be about its history of your own name – who gave your name, how you feel about your name, how you deal with it -, what your name means, relationship between your name and your parents’ name or/and your child’s name. please bring a short story of your name and lets talk about it.

note on “precarious tasks”:
people gathering temporary deal with specific situation when unusual things happen. this is not only occurring by art project but also by our everyday. i thought this was similar thing to describe about events that happen in blanClass every saturday as well.
in my series of project at blanClass also participants are invited to react, to deal, to experience such specific and weird situations generated by my loose framework – several precarious ideas.
in my case of ideas are for instance, “handing over pedestrians drinks from a vending machine in a street” “swinging a flash light while we walk at night” ” cooking a food by fire of burning books” ” spending a time until a candle burned out” ” walking to suburb from a city center” and so on.
A part of the project will be shown in Japan Pavilion at Venice Biennial 2013.

Ticket:¥1,200 Student:¥1,000

Koki Tanaka
Artist, lives and works in Los Angeles. please go the artist website (www.kktnk.com) for further information.

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