Reiko SATO [Knot]
In the night, the cabin is filled with blue light from the window .
The ship is ride at anchor not to be drifted away.
It’s like a ship sailing over the town,here.

Miyu ARAKI [あな、まわる]

Mao OOISHI [Ookikunattara Kiminokoto]

Hatsune SUGANO [Improvisatorial,Screamy Opera]
The Singer plays a guitar and sing with thinking.This is a fight song for a young man who cannnot forget childhood and cannot go ahead.

Teiko OKADA [Also that and that and that and that and that (repeat)] Guest:Yuko ASAOKA
The ground can’t inhale melted snow all which illuminated by sun of spring.
(omission)Going further,the road is not able to proceed longer, turn into muddy river and roar.

I think “It’s not nice” and progress like an old gibbon to reliance about the tree which stands on the side of a muddy river.
Mud has stuck to the skirt of the yellow raincoat.

Naomi FUJIKAWA [小さいクジラ]


Reiko SATO

Profile Born in Kanagawa in 1985. Received a master’s degree in sculpture from Musashino Art University . Mainly works at stone and glass sculptures. And also has works of installation and performance. Creates the sculptures which expresses images of childlen and landscape seen from far away.


2010 “Suimen Ni Noboru” at Musasino Art University , Tokyo

“A puddle keeping itself clear ,+night” at blanClass,Kanagawa
“Vase, Student Night Vo.1” at blanClass,Kanagaw


1986-Born in Kanagawa,Japan
2010-Entered post graduate course of Musashino Art University

Hatsune SUGANO
Born to 1989 in Saitama Prefecture.Entered in Tokyo Zokei University and began to yearn for the to be the poet in 2008. Began to make and sing a song Since I could play the guitar in 2009.The theme of the graduation work of a university is “The modern search for a expression of poem as a representation for voicelesses”. The work is this,”Ayame”


1978 born in Japan/lived in Belgium,Canada,USA till 12years old
1996 graduated Tokyo Metropolitan high school of art
2002 graduated Bsemi Learning System of Contemporary Art 

solo exhibition/event
2009 “Broken Comedy” (souzoukuukan9001 Yokohama)
2010”Wild Love”(blanclass ,Yokohama)
2011″No Blood”(blanclass ,Yokohama)

group exhibition
2002 “Double Positive2”(Fuchu Musium of Art)
2003 “Kirin Art Award”(Tokyo,Oosaka)
2007 “ZAIM FESTA”(Yokohma)
2008 “Food and Contemporaly Art” (BankART1929 Yokohama)
2008 “daily life”(ZAIM Yokohama)
2008 “URANIWA-Labo”(Yokohama)