I walked alone at midnight. In such time, I usually have expected something happen.
The shining lightings of Mcdonald’s or convenience store at midnight, residential area in quiet darkness, and tracks or sports car passing airily by such place. I’m a unnatural thing,if the language of natural include the meaning for passing through naturally. I’m just a stupid guy like considering only romantic things. Actually I know nothing happen at midnight. But I pretend that I saw something.it’s like blues,really.

Ticket Prices:¥1,000

Kenji IDE
1981 Born in Kanagawa, Japan

2006 MFA, Tama Art University

2010  Paul liked me,and I liked Jackie/Art Center Ongoing/Tokyo
     I plan to live around here/Youkoubo Art Space/Tokyo
2008  When I woke up from my dream I was still in my dream/ Art Center Ongoing/ Tokyo
2006  The landscape underneath the sea/ Omotesando Gallery/ Tokyo
2005  The River clean off the lump from my body/ petal fugal/ Tokyo

2010  AIR/Taipei Artist Village/ Taipei
2009  Hidden Place/Turner Gallery/ Tokyo
2008  Vrishaba through Mithuna/hiromi yoshii/ Tokyo
2007  ALE zigoku/ The fabric factory Ome/ Tokyo
     Re-act/ Hiroshima MOCA/ Hiroshima
2006  Ongoing vol’5/ Bank Art NYK/ Yokohama
2005  Ongoing vol’4/ Bank Art NYK/ Yokohama