blanClass was established in a small space based in a residential area in Yokohama in order to provide a forum for art.The space, once a school for contemporary art practice, (B-semi; Basic seminars of Contemporary Art) was named “blanClass,” meaning “blank class.” Every Saturday since October 2009, blanClass has been hosting a one-night event plus public interview under the title of “Live Art” We regard the dialogues that occur to be more important than any tangible result, and hope that blanClass functions as a place where various artists, specialists, students, and researchers come into contact with one another and thereafter continue to work side by side.This “chemical reaction” can be witnessd, not only on site, but also via real-time STREAMING online.The archives created for each event provide the opportunity to see portions of past performances as well as the entirety of past interviews.


Minamiota 4-12-16, Minami-ku,
Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 232-0006