*Monthly Session | Atsushi SUGITA [nano school #59 | How to be tolerant #9]

A man who is being hurry for something goes through beside you. His shoulder bag hits you. You become to be unsteady a little. The man knows it. The man does not turn around. As he goes further away, you hear his tutting. You feel a surge of anger. You have no clue what to do about.

Why did you get angry? He had a reason of hurry ahead and you disturbed a little his course. No, even if he didn’t have a reason and you didn’t disturbe his course completely. You do not have to get angry. You should not spend your precious life time for such a thing. At that moment, you could have shrugged your shoulder, turned back and made a laugh with the person behind.

Just as we learn mathematics, languages, history and sociology, such things, we must learn about being tolerant. In the fifth season of the nano-school, named “How to be tolerant”, we will think about being tolerant. It would be great if, through one year, we could create a slogan like “How to work better” by Fischli & Weiss.

Friday, March 22, 2019
Start 6:30 pm
General Admission : ¥1,500 (one drink) studend:¥1,000

It needs reservation. Please send an email with the following content to the following address.
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Atsushi SUGITA
born in Japan, art critic / director of alternative space “art & river bank” / prof. Joshibi / university of art and design, art theory and practice
books: “richter, gould, bernhard”(1998, misuzu co. ltd., Tokyo) “nano thought”(2008, sairyusya co. ltd., Tokyo) “inter-views”(2011, bigaku-publishing, Tokyo) “to the white city”(2002, sairyusya co. ltd., Tokyo) “the solitude of archiperago”(2005, sairyusya co. ltd., Tokyo) “livro do de+desassosego”(2015, sairyusya co. ltd., Tokyo) etc.
editors bord: “+journal: critical art tabloid”, 2013-
exhibition: “critics coast”(project, 2009, echigo-tsumari international art exhibition, Niigata) “sanctuary, or what comes after asylum”(solo show, 2015, Kurenbou, Tokyo) etc.
curation: “thinking about dog’s death”(2001-, art & river bank, Tokyo) “the age of micro voyages”(2010, Jam, Kanazawa) “Kyoto-Desk”(2014, Kyoto art center, Kyoto) etc.
artistic practice: “Picnic”(discussion platform in daily life, 2007-, with Yasuto Matsumoto) “tokidoki-kikoeru”(traveling discursive action, 2013-, with Yoko Hagiwara, Kana Takahashi) “Demo-ikanai”(rethinking action as for demonstration, 2014-, with Kana takahashi, Chiro Yuasa) “no hospitality, but cafe”(2015, Musem of Contemporary Art, Tokyo)
belonging to: AICA(International Association of Art Critics) experimental art think tank “Kisogei”