Drama + Talk | Chikara Fujiwara + Minori Sumiyoshiyama
『HONEYMOON』Work in progress and the report of 106 days trip around East Asian cities

How do you envisage the shape of the “world”?

In the land far away, smell of spices drifting in the city, humidity clinging to my skin, people’s chaotic energy, silence of the night… I felt. But it was very very difficult to bring such reality back to Japan. So I attempted to sublime that experience as a theater and wrote this “HONEYMOON”. It is a story about the border. Actually it’s the first time to write a play, but at least it will become a mission to re-examine “what is theater” from the root. This time it’s just an experimental work in progress at the initial stage. Please come and join us.

In addition, we will hold a report session about our 106 days trip around Busan, Seoul, Former Manchuria, Shanghai, Macao, Hong Kong, Malaysia cities and Taipei. We cannot speak our all experiences, but let’s talk with drinking at the venue until around 21 o’clock. (Chikara Fujiwara)

Saturday, September 22, 2018
6:00pm – 9:00pm (Open 5:30pm)
General Admission: ¥2,000 (one drink)

It needs reservation. Please send an email with the following content to the following address.
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Born in Kochi (Japan) in 1977. The chief of BricolaQ. He is based in Yokohama and acting in various cities as a critic/ artist/ curator/ mentor/ dramaturg. In order to connect the world divided by walls, he produced ENGEKI QUEST in Yokohama, Kinosaki (Japan), Manila (Philippines), Düsseldorf (Ger-many), and Ansan (Korea). With his interest in ports and human mobility, he created the performance “Woman In A Port” (2017). Since 2017, he is the Senior Fellow of Saison Foundation and the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Born in Osaka (Japan) in 1986. Artist, Dancer. She studied architecture Design at Kyoto Institute of Technology. Ashtanga Yoga instructor learned in India. She acted in various directors’ works such as contemporary dance, buto, theater, and began her own creation since 2010. While collaborating with architects and musicians, she is exploring the relationship between landscape and body. She joined “Woman In A Port” in Manila 2017, and participated in “ENGEKI QUEST -Yokohama Passage-“ in TPAM fringe 2018.