★Series Find a form of 〇〇 #9|Rest
Performance,Workshop|Yu KUROSAKA [What to wake up after quitting]

1991 Born in Chiba
2013 Admission to Oil Painting course, Tokyo University of the Arts
2017 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts
2017- Tokyo University of the Arts, Oil Painting course, Third Laboratory

Group exhibition
2014 / Gunma, Ota
2015 / Aichi, Nagoya
2016 / Yu Kurosaka’s home
2016 / Tokyo,Toshima
2017 / Shizuoka, Atami

Solo exhibition
2016 / Tokyo, space dike
2017 / Tokyo, itadakiBLDG.
2017 / Tokyo, Nokata’s blank

2014 Keiichiro Kume scholarship
2015 Ataka Award Scholarship
2017 Mr. O prize

Portfolio http://yukurosaka.tumblr.com
Twitter @ yu_kurosaka
Blog http://u-kurosaka.hatenablog.com

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Open 6:30 pm Start 7:30 pm
Discussion “Rest” 20:30-
General Admission: ¥1,500(One drink)

I am interested in the composition of dichotomy such as life and death, day and night, dynamic and static, outside and inside.
And I think that it is not a composition of dichotomy but a finer division.
If so, there are many more moments beyond considering of the beginnings and ends of each.
Among them, I would like to think a bit about the state of “holiday”.

Performer:Yu KUROSAKA / Direction::Naoki NOMOTO