Play | Nichika YAGYU [she/see/sea]
The drama the actor who experiences it by 1 set for 2 people is not.
A story starts from the place from which my wife and husband who cut down childbearing came to blanClass in a meeting place like an appreciator.
During touching their voice and private property, an appreciator will be that each married couple “will be the role” actually, and their life is experienced vicariously.

December, 7 (Thu) – 10 (Sun), 2017
Weekday; 13:00/14:00/15:00/16:00/17:00/18:00/19:00/20:00
Weekend; 12:00/13:00/14:00/15:00/16:00/17:00/18:00/19:00
General Admission: ¥1,000

Nichika YAGYU
Born in 1993. From Matsuyama, Ehime. Dramatic unit “Onnnanoko NIha Naisho” supervision. Belong to the theatre group “SEINENDAN” association” production part. Compose the story in which I lie in the casual daily life and am looking for regaining consciousness and the relation with the others who can’t know Ichii’s people who “may be in this town” while drawing.