★Series Find a form of 〇〇 #8|Forget
Performance,Talk|Daichi NAKAMURA[Memory: More you lose it, the Shape will change]

How your memory of familiar people around you has been be lost? In my case, I can no longer remember some of my friend’s voice although I can remember their face or certain behavior. And how about you? Memory perhaps shapes through forgetting and extracting many things of the events initially happened as if it were the left over of the actual events. Let’s bring our ambiguous memory, and think and discuss together.

Performer:Daichi NAKAMURA / Direction::Naoki NOMOTO

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Open 6:30 pm Start 7:30 pm
Discussion “Forget” 20:30-
General Admission: ¥1,500(One drink)

Born 1991, Tokyo, Japan.Playwright/Director. He’ve lived in Sendai since 2010. He formed a theatre company “Yaneura-Heights” in 2013, to create “useful theatre”. In addition, he acts as the director of “TOHOKU Student Theatre Festival” and from 2015, works as one of the director of “ARCT”.
HP https://yaneuraheights.wixsite.com/home