@railroad siding 2017
Performance | Manami Seki [Vehicle #Art appreciation]

We are preparing vehicles at the venue. Vehicles are organized in such a way that the person who issues instructions, the person who executes instructions, and the person who adds information ,and they interlock by Internet call. We will create motion commands and go to appreciation of art.

Sunday, September 10, 2017
create motion commands: 12:00- (about 1hour)
art appreciation: 15:00- (about 1hour)
Place: blanClass exhibition space and others.
Admission free

Manami SEKI
Born in 1990. Graduated from Musashino Art University sculpture department in 2013. “18th Campus Genius Contest” Akihiko Taniguchi Evaluator Award (2012). “Musashino Art University Graduation Work Exhibition” Excellence Award (2013). The presentation includes “Pink Jelly Beans” (TABLAE · Tokyo), “View of the Display” (blanClass · Yokohama).

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