Theater | Rino DAIDOJI[This is a Great Great Autumn]
“This is a Great Great Autumn”
a story that draws out a nostalgic future which happens to human beings (women, but sometimes animals) when they fantasize about going to the autumn forest in the kitchen.

It was the end of September
A golden afternoon
Beside the pond in the middle of Kitanomaru Park in Tokyo
It was 4pm on a weekday
This was a view from 7 years ago
It was the beginning of autumn in the park, the weather was not too hot and not too cold
The sunset reflected on the surface of the water and shined in gold
I was lying there with a big seashell necklace around my neck
And in my eyes, there were the leaves of the tree in front of me, the sky, the atmosphere and the universe
Oh, it’s a very very delicious apple
Sometimes many unbelievable and dream-like things happen in reality

I bake scones in the kitchen
I got used to the baking so it only takes around 40 minutes
I sift the flour, crush the walnuts, add 20g of sugar and little bit of salt
When the scones are in the oven, I find a poem that my friend uploaded on Facebook on my iPhone
As I read the poem, I slowly move towards the autumn forest from the kitchen
The moist twigs and fallen leaves make a crispy sound under my feet
They seem to be making the sounds of my footsteps before I step forward

This is a great great autumn
Or a long long autumn night
Or something wicked this way comes in this great great autumn night.

Work / production / Cast: Rino DAIDOJI (faifai)
Sound / video / photo : Kazuya KATO (faifai)
Lighting: Eugenio Resta
Production: Riho ONODERA
English translation cooperation : Joyce Lam
Flyer Design: Tsuyoshi KOBAYASHI
Cooperation: Chikara FUJIWARA / Carmen Castellucci / Teatro Comandini / FAIFAI
Joint planning : blanClass

Thursday, 3, – Sunday, 6, November, 2016
Open 7:00 pm Start 7:30 pm (Sunday only, Open 6:00 pm Start 6:30 pm)
General Admission: ¥3,000
With reservation: ¥2,500

Born in Tokyo in 1982. As a founding member of the Japanese performance group FAIFAI, Rino has participated in almost all performances of FAIFAI as a performer since 2004. Her solo performances include her first solo theatre piece “Socialstrip” (Tokyo and Yokohama, 2014) , “Socialstrip English version” (Tokyo and Yokohama, 2015) and “Socialstrip Asia Tour” (Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok, 2016). Rino creates her performances based on her personal stories, but as a fantasy that is connected to reality. Since July 2015, Rino moved to Cesena, Italy and continues her activities based in Japan and Italy.

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