Performance | Haruka KAWAGUCHI [Ex-wife will be realized instead !]

It is called that of Japanese,and the Japanese American
ex-husband had to fool the Japanese…
Something that he wanted to be ?

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Open: 7:00pm Start: 7:30pm
General Admission: ¥1,500(Without drink)

Born in Chiba for 1,985 years. For a main private exhibition “do not do romantic eyes so much”. “Do you not love three wives or me who are why to (22:00gallery, 2012), “you” (blanclass, 2013), one man anymore?” And a woman indifferent (Ayako Nagata plan, blanClass, barden barden, HIGURE17-15cas, 2014). For a main group exhibition of “the opening memory display – Ome connection excellent treasure exhibition” (Okutama, Tue National Art Museum, 2012), “Arafudo Art Annual 2014” (Tsuchiyu Onsen, 2014), “the third id Gaya Biennale” (blanClass, 2014–2017 year). Again in Kodaira-shi 22:00gallery( Tabloid “Pa+ phobia and art production” ( where I contributed “model (2015) to are selling it with child mother of mother drawn on mother”.