Disc jockey|

Kazutaka YOSHIDA 

[Welcome To The Jungle]
One night radio style event with 7 DJs while spinning “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses.


op.18:00 st.19:30

¥1,000/students ¥800

DJ: Nobuhiro FUKUIFukui, Haruo KOBAYASHI, Takashi NEBASHI, Motohiro TOMII, Kanichiro ODA, Tomoho OKAI, and Kazutaka YOSHIDA

※ This event was originally conceived foradopted in “New Year Presentation party,” held on 12th January 12 of this year.

Kazutaka YOSHIDA
Born in 1973 in Tokyo. Kazutaka Yoshida graduated from the graduate school of Tokyo College of Photography. “Don’t organize or abandon, but gaze.” (core, Tokyo. 1995), “for the world almost standing still” (gallery Archipelago, Tokyo. 2005), “I had never thought about it” (art and river bank, Tokyo. 2009) and a two-man exhibition with Taxxaka “But, in any case…” (aburauri, Tokyo. 2010), and among others.