Participatory type performance | Kohei TAKAHASHI [Looking for a subject of utterance and metastasis.]

Listen to the words, By repetition, While chewing the meaning of words, Behind in, Automatically, In response to a sound, Without chewing a meaning of words, Hesitate a little, It approaches, Keeping distance, Positively, Listen to a sound, By repetition, We walk in a demonstration. Looking for a subject of utterance and metastasis.

Saturday, December 13, 2014
Open: 6:30 pm Start: 7:30
General Admission: ¥1,500(One drink)

Kei Hirakura (b. 1977, Japan) is an art theorist and an artist. His analytical works explores the micro-structures of our technologically-embedded perceptual systems through the modern and contemporary art works, especially the late films of Jean-Luc Godard.
Hirakura obtained his PhD in Interdisciplinary Informatics from the University of Tokyo in 2009. He teaches art and philosophy at Yokohama National University as an associate professor. His book, Godard’s Method(s), received the Prize of the Association for Studies of Culture and Representation in 2011.