Those who would like to participate in this programme try climbing the wall next to blanClass under the support.
We will study about ‘to aim’, ‘to overcome’ or ‘to survive’ through the experience of climbing equal to pseudo survival.
Who wish to try climbing up to 10 persons. Booking required. (There are restrictions of height and weight. Ask the details.) Only views also available.

climbing start:18:00 
video screening start:20:00 
Person who want to climb the wall:¥1,400

MA in Chelsea college of Art & Design in 2001. Goldsmiths College in 99-00. Graduated from MAU in 98. Solo shows; gallery LOOP HOLE in 2011, G-fal of MAU in 03 and so on. In this year, participated in the group show ‘Ryugu is Over’ as a collaboration work with Hiroaki Morita.