Synopsis of Performance:
There is curiosity everywhere and that curiosity can be harnessed as art. Makeup turns the face into a canvas for painting. This performance displays a rough grasp of the act of the use of cosmetics in Act One.


Adachi was born in Tokyo in 1987. She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting. In 2012, Adachi graduated with a Master’s degree in Art Research fromTokyo Zokei University of Fine Arts.

2011 -“Our Mountain”Satellite 9 UTRECHT/NOW IDeA
A project related to Takashi Homma’s“New Documentary”at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
2011 -“Adachi Yumika and Fujiwara Kae”
2011 -“Memory of Genes”at beauty salon TUCCI
2012 -“Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Exhibition”
Won the ZOKEI award.

As Described on the Web
Try to think about various things and thoughts will be endlessly produced. You must let out those thoughts from the brain. Those thoughts inside your head are, of course, not visible to others, but it is possible to extract those thoughts and show them in a concrete way. How do you release those thoughts? At which moment do those thoughts get released?
Try to think about the act of doing something. Anything. It could be anything from drawing a picture to putting on makeup. I will look at things in a pure and innocent way and try to react to those things as naturally as possible. I will express this idea with my own actions.