Misa KURAMOTO [The journey is gay](Tama Art University Undergraduate Sculpture)
The news was the arrival of spring to winter world.
Spring is likely to become warm calm sad funny and fanny.

Eri OTA [duplicate](Graduate School of sculpture, Musashino Art University )
An object change. An image overlaps.

Mitsuru TOKISATO [Printer 2 Printer](Art & Media Course in Information Design Department of Tama Art University)
Last time,performed Shiritori automatically between computers using Skype.
Next time,Performance with the printer.

Ryota KURAOKA [The number of times](fine arts and design, graduated school, Nihon University)
I always use object at work. I just put a work in exhibition. I have thought
my style is only one. I will think method of my express once. I change my
style on this time and I can do something? or can’t something? I don’t
care about both of them. I do something.

Maki HITOMI [Happy Land(出張版)](Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of Arts)
In the series of “Happy Land”, I have been making robots and pursuing
some interests such as,
what makes things alive, how things can pretend to be alive, when and
why people look on things as “being alive” or consider,
the way of communication in the situation that people encounter
something like that, and so on.
These are my interests and the original viewpoints of my works.

Syunsuke MINEMURA [absent people](sculpture course at the college of art, Nihon University)
Dinner is ready. There are many delicious dishes arranged on the table.
You will eat them up till the last grain of rice.
But before that, imagine how you eat all those foods and create a detailed plan for that.
What is the best way to have the dinner?
It all depends on him (you).
When the dinner is finished, absent people will warmly greet you for sure.

Kae FUJIWARA [The Mental Sweet Candy](Master Degree from Tokyo University of Art and Design)
My main works is painting. I make a piece of painting by throwing water onto a canvas and adding colors before then leaving them to fade. Apart from that, I have also been actively involved in other people’s work. I always accept things for both activities in order to achieve progresses. I would like to explore a world through this painting, which is on a single piece of cloth, with viewers.


Born in Hiroshima in 1990.
Tama Art University Undergraduate Sculpture.
Joined a group exhibition「Hedaten」「Guranatus」「Art Program Ome」(2011)
Folklore and national literature, and theater attracted to, brandish the word every day.

Eri Ota
1987 Born in Gifu ,Japan
2011 Graduated from Musashino Art University of Arts major in sculpture
2011 Graduate school of sculpture, Musashino Art University

2009 Kodaira Art site 09 ,Musashino Art University
2011 Atr Program Ome 2011 ‘’hop step and jumps in Ome‘’ ,Ome Tokyo

Mitsuru TOKISATO(Art & Media Course in Information Design Department of Tama Art University)
2008-2010 IAMAS DSP ,GIFU
2010- Tama Art University, Tokyo

1984 I was born in Kanagawa Japan.
2001 I dropped out of high school and charged energy.
2003 I started picture in Bigakko but presently was troubled with.
2006 I entered college of humanities and sciences, Nihon University and was
going to study art theory. But I wanted to create a work of art, therefore
dropped out University in a half year.
2007 I entered sculpture course College of art, Nihon University. Because I
thought I was good at three-dimensional work than two-dimensional work.
2011 I entered fine arts and design, graduated school, Nihon University.

Born in Kobe, Japan, 1985
Lives in Yokohama, Japan
2011 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
2011 Studying at Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of Arts

Born in 1988. Firstly lived in Tokyo, then moved to Saitama pref. at the
age of 3.Started to go to a cram school of art after taking a engraving course at a
high school. Then entered the sculpture course at the college of art, Nihon
University.After participating in a human body class for 3 years, began to create 3-D
compositions using wood and iron. Now living in the Arakawa district,

Born 1987 in Akita. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art. Completed Master Degree from Tokyo University of Art and Design in 2012.  
【exhibition】Graduation Exhibition in Five Art University(THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, TOKYO /2010・2012)、Art Program Ome(Ome/2010・2011)、ADACHIYUMIKA FUJIWARAKAE(spaceANNEX/2011)、Kae Fujiwara「for example PLANCTON」(ZACTOKYO-3331ArtsChiyoda/2012)、etc.
【action】JOSHIBI Degree Show (BankART/2010)、OricoOhara「LUTUS LAND」(NakanojoBiennale+YukiMatuzaki、MasayukiTaguchi/2011)、possibro「AEVE・EMDA・DAM」(running out and flush away and a agglomerate is made up+Haretu Kobayashi/2011)、etc.