Green footfalls

Motionless bodies
Fluid,motivating words brining movement to limbs and legs

A gray unraveling of the day
Devoid of the sun’s flames
Bodies strained and reaching

A kiss
Cadenced gait casting green shadowed footprints

Answering,responding-a patter of footsteps trailing to a halt
Green shoots emerging from the magic of dance
The unbearable kindness of naked feet

Aimless wanderings across the past of tomorrow
The present
The future yet to arrive.

Translated by Dan Underwood


Director, Choreographer
Mr. Ikemiya joined Nomade~s in 1992. Before that, Mr. Ikemiya is a dancer, producer and choreographer in many dance performances from 1983.
His diverse talent led him to such stage effects as costume, music, lighting and stage properties. When he was in Europe (1989-1990), he produced many highly regarded solo works. Returning to Japan in 1990, he performed in many “happenings” solo performances in Okayama, Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama in Japan, as well as in Seoul, Korea. Before 1983, Mr. Ikemiya was an artist. he teached performances in B-SEMI LEARNING SYSTEM of Contemporary Art(1997-2002)
Mr. Ikemiya produces dance workshops at the Meguro Museum and Art Universities.

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