Takehiro ITOMovie [MORE] (113min / 16:9 / stereo / color)

We will screen “MORE”, the thesis project film of Tokyo University of the Arts, which is directed by Takehiro ITO and shot partly in blanclass. This story centers round the main characters of three girls in their late twenties while depicting the relationships between men and women in the city, and provides the audience the sense of a little journey as each character grows up. On behalf of the film production, I kept a short note as below.
“We live in an isolated island. We find ourselves involved in a story when someone tells it in another island. In order to find ourselves, we departure the island and sail the sea at the risk of our lives. Someday, our journey brings us to film. However, it is just a transient goal.”
We would like to have this opportunity to think about the possibility and impossibility of spending our lives as characters of a story.


Takehiro ITO
Film director. Born in Sendai, Miyagi in 1984. ITO graduated from Yokohama National University, Graduate School of Environment and Information Science in 2009. He also graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media in 2011. His newest work “MORE (2011)” is one of the thesis projects of Tokyo University of the Arts. His previous directed works include “how insensitive”(2009), and “ZERO NOIR”(2010). He currently writes an article on the film magazine “nobody”.

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